Sasha: My Velcro Princess and Alpha Female of the Pack

We had Zevon for a month when I began thinking I wanted another dog. Zevon had fit into our family so seamlessly. He loved us all right away and was a breeze from the start. Sasha was a much different story.


Zevon came from a loving home. His mom had to give him up for reasons beyond her control. Sasha was in a Denver Pound after being pulled off the street as a stray. She had become depressed in the shelter. So they called Mile High Husky Rescue to come save her. She was placed in the same wonderful foster home as Zevon.

Sasha is a Tripawd just like Zevon, in fact they are a matching pair, both are missing their left hind leg. Sasha lost her leg in a much different way from Z. She was bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider. The poison eventually ate a hole in her leg and as a result she had to have an amputation.


I decided to add another Tripawd to my small pack.

Sasha is gorgeous and perfectly to breed standard. She has an intense stare which is much different from Z’s goofy, always happy face.

424914_10200259688275998_1305619976_nSasha’s first two weeks with us was tough. She was standoffish and shy and once she was outside no amount of calling or coaxing would get her to come back in the house. Zevon and her had multiple scuffles, one that resulted in blood. I was having adopters remorse, I thought I’d made a mistake.

One morning after letting Sasha outside I started a load of laundry, made a cup of tea, and headed outside to wrangle me a Husky. I couldn’t find her anywhere. The yard was empty. No sign of Sasha, just a fresh layer of snow on the ground.

I ran around the perimeter of the fence looking for her hole. Huskies aren’t called escape artists for nothing, the hole I found was no bigger than her head. I followed her foot prints for a little over a mile before the sun began to melt the snow and I lost her trail.

Ryan rushed home from work with our only car at the time and we began the search. Yelling her name out the window and begging her to appear. After a four hour nerve wracking search we spotted her. I jumped out of the Jeep before it even came to a stop. She ran straight into my arms and in that moment we both knew we belonged together.


Since that day she hasn’t left my side. She is glued tightly to my hip while I go about my daily activities and curled up at my feet when it’s time to sleep. She is my talkative silly girl and my sensitive, strong, and stoic protector.

Some rescues will integrate seamlessly into a home and others need months to adjust. I felt like I made a mistake adding Sasha to our family but she just needed a lot more love and patience than Zevon did. ¬†You can’t judge a dog at first meeting, sometimes they need time to integrate. If I had given up on her because it was tough, I’d never have known what a perfect fit she actually was.


2 thoughts on “Sasha: My Velcro Princess and Alpha Female of the Pack

  1. kim gilliland

    Hello I saw your post and new that Sasha used to be my little harley……yes she used to be mine until she ran away the last time …..I just couldnt take it anymore and she used to fight with my oldest husky…..drawing blood everytime… was a bad situation …..please forgive me…..for allowing her to be abandon to the pound…..I am glad she has a happy home now. I have her daughter which is a red and white…..look me up on facebook torigirl69 or kimberly gilliland

    • mandychelle

      Hello Kim,

      I’m so happy to have Sasha in my life. We adopted her after adopting our male tripawd Zevon and they are the best of friends. Sasha and I have really bonded over the last year and a half, I love her very much. I work from home and am able to spend all day with her, she follows me everywhere I go, never lets me out of her sight and sleeps curled up on the bed. She is lying at my feet as I write this now. We foster for the rescue she was in and she is an amazing host. She loves to play and wrestle with our youngest pup and our fosters. She is very motherly to the young dogs we foster, she corrects them when needed, loves on them and teaches them a lot. It doesn’t surprise me that she had a litter of puppies, she must have been an amazing mother.

      Thank you for reaching out to me. I would love to see pictures of Sasha in her younger days if you have any. I’d love to see photos of her daughter. I’m also curious as to when Sasha lost her leg? My email is

      Hope to hear from you soon,

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